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Who doesn't love a good thrift find? Thrifting is one of our favorite hobbies... but unfortunately we walk out of the thrift store with nothing good more often than not. With our new Vintage Shop, we've taken away the hassle of getting skunked by your local goodwill. Our Vintage Finds consist of all of your favorite adventure brands (think L.L. Bean, Columbia, Eddie Bauer) and tons of cool tees that your dad probably wore back in the day.

We have a team dedicated to finding you the best goods that you can't find just anywhere. We aren't in the business of price gouging either. All of our prices are fair and of market value. If you're an avid thrifter and see something that you know you won't come across, snag it. If something looks too expensive, just move on and go dig up your own gems. We are all for people continuing to do their own thrifting. This store is mainly for those that don't have the time, but still want the look. It also has a pretty amazing charity attached to it.

Whenever you buy one of our vintage finds, we supply good, clean water to someone in need for a full week! That's right! Your awesome new crewneck from the 90's just gave someone the gift of water for a week. It's all about getting a fresh start.

Be sure to check back here every now and then for new vintage finds!

To learn more about our charity, head here.

To start shopping, head here



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  • I love your company so much! I love how you portray Christ in your company. God bless you and your company! Have a great Easter weekend! ~Abby

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