A Real Thrill

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Absolutely sending it down a massive hill. Catching a gnarly wave. Scuba diving with sharks and stingrays. Getting accepted into college. Falling in love. Getting that promotion.
These are all things that are thrilling! You may have different things that thrill you and that is awesome... that’s what makes you, you. But did you know that a relationship with God is the most thrilling thing you can have in your life?

Psalm 92:4 says “You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me!”... but what is so thrilling about God? Well, for the longest time, my time with God was anything but a thrill and almost felt like a chore. But when I truly saw my need for a Savior, I saw how absolutely radical, gnarly, and thrilling God’s love for me was. Imagine being convicted of every crime in the book. The world presses for justice, and says you deserve death. Even you believe in your heart that you deserve capital punishment. But shockingly, the judge calls you to stand and releases every charge against you... free to live your life with a clean slate. That is how God sees our sin. He is willing and ready to forgive you of every sin you have ever committed. There is no sinner or sin too great. God loves you the same regardless. Once I accepted this love and forgiveness, man... talk about a thrill.

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