Breaker of Chains

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Hey pals, Jo here ☀️
Today in church they handed us a notecard as we walked in. I noticed a wooden cross to the side of the stage with notecards nailed all over it. My first thought? Oh gosh—they’re going to make us do something cheesy today. 
Sure enough, at the end of the service, the pastor asked us to think about what true repentance looks like. How Jesus was nailed, along with ALL of our sins, to the cross. He asked us to write down sins that came to mind...any current sins, past sins that sneak into our thoughts and torture us, etc. To write them down and then get up and physically nail them into the cross. At first, as evidenced by my thoughts above, I wasn’t super into it. And then as I started writing on my notecard I began to cry. 
How often do we allow ourselves to believe the lie that being comfortable...sticking to a certain routine that’s EASY, is the best option for our lives? The simple act of asking me to get up out of my seat and do something uncomfortable made me almost...annoyed at first. 
But the act of HUMBLING myself and REMINDING myself the nasty sin Jesus has taken off my shoulders and out of my life, brought me to tears. Thank you Jesus for never avoiding anything due to discomfort. May I be a servant who boldly brags on all you nailed to the cross the day you died for my sins. May we be a people and community who reminds ourselves each day of what the gospel REALLY means in our lives. 
If you haven’t reminded yourself in awhile all that God has done for you, go write down past/current sins and be filled with hope that Jesus is the breaker of chains. Happy Sunday, sweet pals ✨

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