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“The way I see it, there’s work and then there’s work. And there’s a big difference between your work and your job. A job is a task done for an agreed-upon price, and work is the effort directed toward accomplishing a goal. See what I mean? A job is something you do for money. Your life’s work is done for a bigger purpose, to fulfill a calling or a dream. And when you manage to find that work—that’s when it starts feeling like play. I want that for you and for me too. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck grinding away on the job piece and lose sight of the work piece, the one that truly matters. There’s nothing admirable or respectable about laying yourself down, day in and day out, for a job you hate—not if you have a choice. Maybe you can’t up and quit the job you hate. I understand that there are extenuating circumstances that can prevent you from being able to take that leap. But if you are sticking it out because of fear or passivity, there’s nothing heroic about that. Do work that matters... to you.”
@chipgaines (Capital Gaines)
Been feeling it lately. And by “it” I mean I’ve been feeling a little stressed... the constant feeling of being a little bit underwater. Not so deep that I don’t think I can handle it or keep going, but underwater enough to feel like I can’t really catch my breath. That’s the thing with having a business/ being self-employed... you always have something that you have to do and think about. You never really have a day off. Now don’t get me wrong... I wouldn’t change what I do for the world (and TBH, 90% of what I am feeling has to do with it being tax season and the IRS not accepting “we were just trying to survive in 2018” as a proper tax filing), but there are definitely days where it’s tough. That being said, I just finished “Capital Gaines” today, and @chipgaines gave me the motivation to keep going and remember what I’m doing this all for. It’s not about selling t-shirts... it’s all about God and making his name known. In this season of my life, that is my purpose... and I am so thankful to get to wake up each and everyday making it happen.
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