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Good morning + happy Monday, Raga pals. Jo here 👋🏼 today is a fresh start to a new week, it’s a deep breath of fresh air and a clean slate for some of us. And for others of us, it’s another Monday in the midst of a hard/frustrating cycle. I feel so compelled to remind those of you who are annoyed that another day has come...frustrated of what lays before you today...saddened by your loss of guidance, clarity or plans, that you’re A) not alone and B) this season is not for nothing. I challenge you today to catch yourself in the midst of any complaint—either thought or spoken & replace it with something you’re thankful for. For some of us, that feels really freaking hard. But I’d challenge you to start mom always reminds me to start with thanking God for breath in my lungs & for the ability to walk.
Start there. Start this week on a note of gratitude. Open your hands to the new mercies of today, even if it’s a challenge to simply open your hands in the first place. The Lord does nothing in vain, each season we walk through has a purpose. Even the excruciating ones. We’re with you, friends + we love you.
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