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I’ve been thinking lately — I know a lot people don’t really buy into the whole New Years resolution thing. I definitely wouldn’t even consider myself a huge fan. It seems like a monumental shift from one year to the next, but it’s really just another day where we go to bed and then wake up and go about our lives. Resolutions and goals are broken within the first week and we are back to who we have always been.
But what if this year we look at a differently?
This isn’t only a new year but it’s also a brand new decade. A chance to really commit to some awesome, life-changing stuff. While January 1st is really just another day, the shift in calendar can really mean something to you. What is it that God has been calling you to do but you’ve just been putting off? What dreams do you have? What are your life goals? Where have you been lacking? What are some areas in your life that you need to work on? 2020 sounds like a great year for answering all of these questions. God designed us for a specific purpose. The purpose might be daunting or difficult so instead we bury our heads in our phones for 4 hours a day and pretty much just exist as opposed to really LIVING. I think 2020 is a great year for LIVING. So yes, I know that Christmas hasn’t even happened and I already have a New Years post. But it’s been on my mind for my own life and I think it might be helpful to really sit down and think about (or even write down) what you need to change, improve on, commit to, or go after in 2020. You’ve got the next week to figure it out. I can’t wait to hear how you guys are gonna trust God’s purpose for your life and start living in 2020.
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