Ragamuffin Way

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What is the Ragamuffin Way, you ask?
If you crack open the good book, specifically the Gospels, you’ll notice that Jesus spends most of his time hanging out with a bunch of outcasts, sinners and vagabonds... the ragamuffins. He hung out with the broken, the tired, the rejected. Basically, he hung out with ragamuffins when no one else would. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day hated that He would associate with these people. It’s one of the reasons why they had him murdered on a cross. But here lies their fatal flaw... Jesus came for the broken, He came for those who felt shame, He came for those who realized they were in desperate need of his grace. A freely-given and unrelenting grace that’s available to all.

Ragamuffin Coalition is a movement that I started because I realized that I needed that grace and no matter what I did, I could never earn it. Thankfully, God doesn’t ask us to earn it... it’s a free gift. When I learned this, I broke out of the box that my faith (and life) felt trapped in for years. I now connect best with God when I am out experiencing his creation, and I know there are thousands of others who feel the same way! We are a movement of people who believe in following your God-given dreams, spending time in the great outdoors, and most importantly, sharing the free gift of God’s grace with the rest of the world. That’s the Ragamuffin Way.⚡️

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