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I was staring, looking back, out the keyhole of my door
You saw that I had seen You, and I fell to the floor
You were dancing with the children and loving all the broken
and I was too scared to come out
and then You busted through my doorway and it seemed so very violent
but peaceful words came out and silenced all my silence
and I realized that the knowledge that I thought that I had known
was nothing compared to You coming to my home
so maybe when I'm dead, You will answer all the questions
that all of us explained though we knew we didn't know them
and wonder why true love would demand that death must be the cure?
So even if my anger and my pain have all continued
it could quickly fade if I'd receive a touch from You
and I would be content to forget everything I've known
to fall asleep right now, for good before Your throne
- The Collection
The lead singer of the band “The Collection” has since fallen away from his faith since releasing this in 2014. You can tell from the lyrics that he was struggling with doubt, but still yearning to believe. Doubts are something that every Christian will deal with on their journey. I just encourage you to never stop seeking God even in seasons of doubt. He will pull you out of whatever trial you’re going through. Read the Bible, pray, talk it out with people you love. The enemy loves when you doubt... he sees it as an opportunity to strike. Don’t let him. When you are so convinced on loving God with your entire self, He will help you navigate through your doubts on this earth. I pray that David Wimbish would find his way back. His music was so impactful for my own faith. 
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