Such a Love

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Sometimes I think about what was going through Jesus’ mind this week around 2000 years ago. I challenge you to think about Jesus from a human standpoint. Imagine the thoughts going through his mind as the week moved closer to Thursday. Imagine the pain and anguish he felt as he knew what was to come. We have all had nervous events that have literally left us without sleep, anxious, and shaking. Whether it be facing a punishment, a final exam, or a job interview, we know what it is like to be nervous.
Then I think of Jesus... fully God, but also fully man.
He knew that his very real and painful death was imminent in only a few short days. He knew that he would feel the full brunt of all sin and disobedience. Worst of all, he knew that he would be momentarily separated from The Father. I can’t fathom what he was feeling on this Wednesday about 2000 years ago. I can’t understand how he could look at Judas with love full-knowing that he would betray him the next day. When I think of Jesus on this day... the emotion that reigns is just pure thankfulness for what he did for us. Jesus went through all of this for you. It is truly hard to comprehend such a love. ❤️
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