The Birthplace of Ragamuffin Co.

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Growing up in the Southeast, lake days consisted of boating, tubing, and fishing in crowded warm lakes. Awesome in their own right... but do not even compare to days spent on quiet, undeveloped lakes in Canada. Every few years, the men in my family would go fishing in Ontario in the Summer. The lakes were only accessible by seaplane. You could boat for miles without seeing a single person or even so much as a cabin. All you saw was glassy water, moose, and the occasional Black Bear cooling off near the edge of the lake. All you needed was a fishing pole and you could be busy reeling in walleye and pike all day.

There is something about nature in it’s true form that makes me feel closest to God. I still frequently say that those trips were my favorite vacations because it was such an escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world. I think that “Ragamuffin Co.” may have been born on one of those trips before I even started to dream it. I hope to go back soon... to the place where my love for getting lost began.

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