What's in a logo anyway?

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A logo is one of the most important pre-launch steps that a business has to accomplish (yeah... like I know anything about running a business). It has to embody the company and be rememberable. That being said, I really struggled coming up with a logo for this company. My criteria was three-fold:
      1. The logo had to be simple (I wanted to be able to use it in a lot of variations)
      2. The logo had to be outdoorsy
      3. The logo had to have powerful symbolism
The first two goals were fairly easy to accomplish. My brother and I drew up a dozen different logos that were awesome. I almost committed to one of them but just did not feel confident that it was the logo to represent this brand. Finally, I came up with the the idea for the three trees. I had previously used that specific tree in a design and loved the simplicity of it. That got me thinking, Ragamuffin Co. is for the worn-out, bedraggled Christians (ragamuffins) who are in desperate need of Jesus' grace. And what was the ultimate showing of grace that the world has ever known? Without a doubt it is when God sent his son to die on a tree (cross) so that we could experience salvation. 
"The God of our fathers raised Jesus, whom you killed by hanging him on a tree."
Acts 5:30 (ESV)
After a few different variations, I came up with the logo we have now. Three trees in a circle representing the three crosses on Calvary. I am so happy with the logo that we have now because it represents everything that I want Ragamuffin Co. to represent. Maybe you didn't think that a simple circle with three simple trees could mean so much, but now every time you put on that Ragamuffin Co. shirt, you'll think of the ultimate display of grace.


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