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This is one of my favorite pictures featuring our gear that I have ever seen. Picture features @_becca_blythe_ , whom I don’t know, but I’m sure is pretty rad. Taken by @summer.freeman , one of our insanely talented ambassadors who we are honored to get to have on our team.
I’ve always been a fan of candid photos. I think they say so much more than their posed counterpart. What I see here is someone looking out at God’s creation. You can tell it’s probably blue hour, which only makes the blue ridge mountains even more beautiful. It doesn’t matter that her hair is flying all over the place... or that her cheeks and nose are windburned from the cold air. In fact, those aspects don’t detract at all... they only enhance the “realness” of this shot. It’s just a photo, but I think it’s a good reminder to be real. The world pushes for you to appear perfect and conform to the rest of society. God just wants you... so be you.
photo: @summer.freeman 
beanie-wearer: @_becca_blythe_ 

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