You are more than what you do

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I recently finished up “Everybody, Always” by @bobgoff. If you haven’t read this or “Love Does”, you need to put your phone down, go find them both, and read into the night.
Anyways... as I was finishing up the book, something powerful stuck out to me. In one of the closing chapters, Bob Goff began telling a story and mentioned how he was a pretty good lawyer. Now, in the two books I had read, Bob mentions being a lawyer a handful of times. However, every time he mentions it, I am almost surprised because he rarely spends much time on it. His books are full of his life stories, YET he barely touches on his profession... because that is not what really matters.
In a world where WHAT YOU DO becomes your identity, Bob Goff provides a stark contrast of how we really should live. This is a man who probably could have filled these books with amazing case victories, but instead he chooses to talk about his childhood, his family, his life experiences, the way he treats strangers, the way he loves on his neighbors. Guys... that is what matters here. Your job is just that. It’s a job. You should seek to do something you love, but always keep in mind the real reason you’re here. So many of you reading this are in high school, college, or your 20’s and you’re stressing because you don’t know what you’re gonna do with your life or how you’re gonna find a better job. Your job is not your identity! Your level of happiness and joy will come from how you live your life and treat others.
Summary: Don’t let WHAT YOU DO, determine WHO YOU ARE.
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