Shirt of the Month // October
Shirt of the Month // October
Shirt of the Month // October
Shirt of the Month // October
Shirt of the Month // October
Shirt of the Month // October
Shirt of the Month // October
Shirt of the Month // October

Shirt of the Month // October


Ordered a few extra. Grab one while we have 'em!


Every month we create a limited, exclusive tee. These shirts are tied to a unique charity that is not one of our regular charity partnerships. The shirt is only available for purchase for one week and may not show up on our storefront after the purchasing period is up.


Slow down. Don't hurry. Don't Worry... Easier said than done.

I've spent most of my adult life just like all of you -- trying to do meaningful work, provide for myself and family, make time for things and people I enjoy, grow in knowledge and faith, and rest. Somewhere along the line I added about a dozen other things of little importance and found myself hurried, busy, and tired pretty much all the time. You know the drill...

"How are you doing?"

"Good. Just busy."

We're always busy. So busy that the things we really care about often get tossed to the side. As a society, we were busy before smart phones and the internet even existed... now we celebrate when our daily screen time is less than 5 hours a day. We have been taught to fill every second of our day with information and content. So even if we actually have a couple hours a day of free time, rarely do we spend it slowing down with activities that fill our spirit with joy... instead we turn to our phones because FOMO and boredom. We're bored. We don't like being alone with ourselves or being in the quiet for too long. Even the idea of slowing down and not doing something freaks us out because we should always be doing something right?


I read a book by John Mark Comer called "The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry". If you don't know who John Mark Comer is, he is an author as well a pastor of a church in Portland. But you don't need to be a Christian for this book to change your life. Essentially, this book breaks down why we are always in such a hurry and gives you steps to break the cycle. I am such a believer in this book that for our "charity of the month", I am going to buy 10 hardcover (Yes... hardcover! Just like your grandma used to use.) copies and randomly ship them out to people who buy this shirt. If enough people buy the shirt, I'll hopefully be able to buy and send even more! Now... go spend some time slowing down.

"What you give your attention to is the person you become." - John Mark Comer

Pre-Order Details:

This is a pre-order!

Pre-order Ship ETA: Mid November

Shirt Details:

  • Unisex Sizing (S-2XL)
  • Tee Color: Ivory, Light Pink, Spruce, Granola
  • Comfort Colors 100% Organic Cotton
  • 5.5 oz.
  • Created in WRAP Certified facilities (learn about WRAP here)
  • Fits true to size