Term 7 of our ambassador program is underway and we could not be more excited about it!

When we started the program, we knew we wanted to be different than the other programs you might have experienced or heard of. Instead of an emphasis on sales, our entire program is focused on community. But that was just our hope... God completely took this concept and is making this thing happen. We have been blown away by how easily it has been for everybody to come together and do life with one another. People are sharing dreams, struggles, and prayers and Jo and I love being able to just sit back and be a part of the group.

If this type of community sounds awesome to you, we will have applications for term 8 in Summer. In the meantime, follow our Instagram page to stay up to date, and check our Ambassador page out to learn a little more about the program and our members.


Ambassador of the week:

Name: Kaylee Willman

Location: Stillwater, OK

About me: My name is Kaylee, I'm 20 years old, and I live in Louisiana. I'm one year away from graduating with a degree in human development & family science with a concentration in child development !!

I'm a dancer and a dance teacher, and I have a heart for camp ministry and children's ministry as a whole. I'm a big fan of sunsets, stargazing, chick-fil-a, & JESUS, most importantly.



  • “I loved the community we built this semester! Everyone came here with prayers requests and just whatever burdens they were carrying. The way this group rallied around one another in prayer and encouraged each other was so cool.” -Hannah Cooper
  • “I love the way we can use raga as a way to connect the outdoors and the beauty of God’s creation to reach a large group of people!! Also, this community has really been an awesome thing for me and I’m sure lots of other people in this group love the prayer circle also and encouragement it brings.” -Maggie Drake
  • “I think this program is great! My favorite part about being a part of this family, was that I knew that I always had support from y’all. If I was ever going through a hardship, I knew I could talk about it with you guys & would always receive prayer. This is the best program, and one of the best few months!” -Ale Cruz
  • “A community of believers supporting one another in love, and actively supporting the cause of Christ and protecting our earth creates hope, and allows me to be a part of something bigger than myself.” -Madi Miller
  • “I loved the ability to connect with believers all over the world. You guys take time to encourage our souls, not just encourage us to represent the brand. Y’all understand that Raga is bigger than the products because it’s never been about you. It’s always been about Jesus.” -Eden Still
  • “I love the way this program has given us a platform to connect with other believers and support each other through prayer. I feel like this program is very much about community, sharing our love for Christ, and motivating each other to get outside and appreciate the beauty God has blessed us with.” -Kaitlyn Fox
  • “Being an ambassador for Raga is SO MUCH MORE than any other ambassador program I've ever been a part of! Instead of just a code and a call to promote, we were given an incredible community of fellow Christians to lean on for love and support and it's been a shockingly uplifting experience.” -Shannon Livengood
  • “I loved the community it has created for fellow Christians to come together and connect with one another. This has been a great place for encouragement, support, and much more! I also loved the way we were able to use the company to connect with others and lead them to Christ!” -Anna Jones
  • “I’ve loved the community that has been built through this page of people all around the world! The daily encouragements and prayer warriors for any situation! Being able to be vulnerable and get through life together.” -Raya Gatelaro
  • “The Raga community is one of a kind. Connecting with other believers across the world has been such a blessing. I’ve made new friendships and I’m excited to continue to grow in those!” -Shaina Dyer
  • “Being a part of the Raga Ambassadors community really let me reach out to others and meet people who really love and are centered around Christ and each other. It has truly been a pleasure to spread the word of this movement with others and it has been such a fun experience I would recommend to anyone! I am glad to have had people who I can call family!” -Lessly Herndandez
  • “My favorite part of this has definitely been this community of believers we get to be a part of!!” -Matthew Meadows
  • “I have never been an ambassador for a company before, and this past semester has been so fulfilling! The community alone has been so great! I loved being able to connect with Christians all over the world!” -Anna Borgenheimer
  • “It’s about being a part of something greater than just yourself.” -Ellie Bellicini
  • “I have loved being a part of the Ragamuffin family! It has been a blessing to talk with and get to know such amazing people who love The Lord. I also loved being able to have a good excuse to constantly talk about my favorite company!” -Emily Stykel
  • “I love the new community I feel I have and how I now how the privilege of a God centered group of people who will live and support me even if they are miles and miles away!!” -Taylor Hinman
  • “Being able to be a part of Raga Ambassadors has been incredible!! It’s so cool to see such a large community of Christ followers come together to uplift, motivate, and support one another.” -Savannah Greathouse
  • “I’ve loved being able to get to pray for everyone and also bring my own requests to this group, knowing they’d be prayed for. You guys bring such vulnerability that was really encouraging and helped me be vulnerable here as well. I love that I can represent an amazing company that has products I genuinely love and think are great, and also have a great message! Getting to know you guys has been amazing, too! I genuinely feel so cared for by you guys it’s insane! Really thankful for this community!” -Tyler Mingoia
  • “So thankful for the supportive community that prays and walks with one another through everything.” -Connor Nicole Singleton
  • “I have loved being a part of a family with the same goals & ideals!” -Hannah Carroll
  • “I have loved being able to share prayer requests. And the shirts are super cute and amazing too! Great purpose!!!” -Mila Farmer
  • “When I applied to be an ambassador for Ragamuffin Co., I never thought that this community of believers would turn into family! I have appreciated everyone being in touch with everyone while still working to advance a wonderful business.” -Karissa Colace
  • “My favorite part of all of this was having a family of believers to lean on. It became something for me where I didn’t think of this community just as a group of people who were supporting a brand that we love, but a group where I could reach out to for prayer and also pray for others here. Such an awesome opportunity to see the behind the scenes of a small business with a big passion.” -Abbey Vaughn

Below you will find a map of our ambassadors. We need your help to fill up the rest of the globe :)