Artists and Photographers

Running this company has given us the great pleasure of crossing paths with the most talented creatives out there. From the beginning, it has been imperative to link up with people who not only did great work, but also believed in our vision of showing the world how rad Jesus truly is. If you are ever in the market for amazing artists, consider checking out the people below. 

Jordan Santamaria - Photographer

Jordan reached out to us at our beginning. A talented, young photographer from California who believed in our mission and wanted to help. What began as a unique partnership has grown into a friendship. We'll be keeping Jordan around for as long as he can carry a camera on his many adventures. Be sure to check him out for lifestyle, couple, commercial, or any other type of photography you can think of.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Website // Instagram

Dax Blinn - Model, Videographer

Dax was part of the package deal with Jordan. He's been a loyal help to us since the beginning. A man of many talents; Dax can be found surfing, climbing, behind the camera, or in front of one (where he belongs -- he's good looking). Reach out if you're in search of a true renaissance man.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Website // Instagram

Laura Hatfield - Block printer, Illustrator, Instagram Savant

Okay yes, Laura is our sister-in-law. BUT, she is one of the most creative people I've ever seen on Instagram. Don't believe me? Just check her out here. Laura helped turn my vision of Ragamuffin Co. into reality by talking us through brand image, instagram growth, and color themes. She also carved our logo into our rubber stamp which we use every single day. We have several collaborations planned in the near future, so stay tuned!

Location: Winter Park, Colorado

Website // Instagram

Zach Guinta - Photographer

Zach is someone I have know since my freshman year at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He's super talented in a lot of mediums including videography, lifestyle photography, and film, but I think his landscape and ocean photography really sets him apart. Check him out!

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Website // Instagram