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Brighter Days Tee // Black
Brighter Days Tee // Black

Brighter Days Tee // Black



Every month we create a limited, exclusive tee. These shirts are tied to a unique charity that is not one of our regular charity partnerships. The shirt is only available for purchase for one week and may not show up on our storefront after the purchasing period is up.


I really wasn't planning on doing a December shirt of the month. As much as I wanted to finish the year strong, I felt like I needed to give myself a creative rest to come into 2021 fresh. But as each day went by, I felt more and more compelled to make something happen. As many of you know, one of our shop motto's is "Just Go". But over the last few months, as frustration, sadness, and fatigue has set in across the world, our motto has temporarily shifted to "Keep Going". And no one has needed to hear it more than small businesses.

We are extremely grateful that we are still open and in business, but we also are well aware that many shops are still fighting to continue their business into 2021. Jordan and I have made a much more concerted effort to support small whenever we can. And I feel like if we all had that mentality, a lot of awesome small businesses wouldn't have to be so worried about whether or not they need to close up shop. So with that being said, this one is for the little guys. 20% of the profits from this tee are being donated to various small businesses... and you're gonna help us decide which ones! Tag a small biz in the comments below so that we can add them to our list. Since we most likely will not be able to give back to every business, we also have decided to take a day this weekend to shout out small businesses on our story. If you would like to send us a video or message, we are more than happy to include that when we share your business to our audience. We really just want to use this as a day to get your business in front of as many eyes as possible. I hope you know we see you, and we love you. Keep going.

A fun design side note: Joshua Noom is one of our favorite designers on IG. He recently posted a design that was made for Young The Giant, but did not end up being chosen for the project. This design was pretty much exactly what I was imagining for this theme. So we reached out, bought the design, and then had him tweak it just a bit for us. We are super stoked with how it turned out and are really glad that we were able to support a small business (Joshua Noom) in the process.

Pre-Order Details:

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Shirt Details:

  • Unisex Sizing (S-2XL)
  • Color: Black
  • Comfort Colors 100% Organic Cotton
  • 5.5 oz.
  • Created in WRAP Certified facilities (learn about WRAP here)
  • Fits true to size