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Shirt of the Month // May
Shirt of the Month // May
Shirt of the Month // May
Shirt of the Month // May
Shirt of the Month // May
Shirt of the Month // May
Shirt of the Month // May
Shirt of the Month // May

Shirt of the Month // May


This is a pre-order. Available for order until May 23, 2021.

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Every month we create a limited, exclusive tee. These shirts are tied to a unique charity that is not one of our regular charity partnerships. The shirt is only available for purchase for one week and may not show up on our storefront after the purchasing period is up.


Looking back over the last couple of years, I've noticed that a lot of our designs are centered around the idea of love... what love is, who love is, why love is important. When I sit down to create a shirt, I usually don't have much of an idea about what I am going to do. I like to go on walks or bike rides and let God show me what the shirt should be about. I don't set out to make a design on love, but during those moments, love is undoubtedly a major part of the conversation... how I feel I should love better, how underserving of love I am, and how love, ultimately, changes everything.

RUJA is a local non-profit here in Boise that does their work in Western Uganda. RUJA means “to dream” and that is exactly what they focus on. They invest in kids who have faced significant adversity by giving them the love, support, and education they need to dream big. I had the pleasure of meeting founder, Andrew Green, a couple months back and his story really resonated with me. Feeling burnt out and discouraged by the American church, he bought a plane ticket to Uganda without any plan or itinerary. He wanted to break free from the American bubble and see what was really out there -- what God really had planned for him. God rewarded Andrew's courage with the idea and heart for RUJA... and now Andrew spends a great deal of his time in Uganda loving and supporting Ugandan kids and making sure that they have the opportunity to dream big and be whoever they may want to be.

20% of the proceeds from this shirt will go directly to RUJA. On the back of this shirt, you see "love" in 8 different languages... there is no language barrier for love.

Pre-Order Details:

This is a pre-order!

Pre-order Ship ETA: N/A

Shirt Details:

  • Unisex Sizing (S-2XL)
  • Color: White, Washed Denim, Grey
  • Hoodie Color: White
  • Comfort Colors 100% Organic Cotton
  • 5.5 oz.
  • Created in WRAP Certified facilities (learn about WRAP here)
  • Fits true to size